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IGOV Boards and Commissions website uses the State of Iowa Enterprise A&A System to share common user accounts for many state systems. A&A stands for Authentication (who you are) and Authorization (what you are allowed to do).


Do you already have a State of Iowa Enterprise A&A account?

You may already have an A&A account if you have signed up for Iowa School Alerts or other state agency services. For state employees this might be the same as your e-mail address; for others it could be an account in the format firstname.lastname@iowaid.


Sign in to your Enterprise A&A account to begin the Iowa Boards And Commissions application process. Sign In Using A&A ►


Create a new Enterprise A&A account and begin the Iowa Boards And Commissions application process. Begin Registration ►


If you are unsure, please try to recover your A&A account before you continue. Account Recovery ►

There are 4 steps to the application process for IGOV Boards and Commissions. If you do not complete all 4 parts, your application is not submitted to the Governor's office for review.

  1. Sign in using Enterprise A&A, or create a new a A&A account.
  2. Create a personal profile by complete all required fields. You may also fill in additional employment history/volunteer experience, or upload a resume instead of filling out all of these fields.
  3. Fill out your background information. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions, please provide an explanation in the provided fields.
  4. Choose boards to apply to.

Instructions Are Available

Instructions are available as an Adobe PDF or a Microsoft Word Document.

You may wish to download the instructions and follow the steps as you complete this process.

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