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  Board Name Department Openings  
  Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs, Commission of Human Rights, Department of 1 of 7 Open  
  Autism Council, Iowa Education, Department of 1 of 13 Open  
  Behavioral Science, Board of Public Health, Department of 1 of 9 Open  
  Boiler and Pressure Vessel Board Workforce Development, Iowa 1 of 8 Open  
  Building Code Advisory Council, State Public Safety, Department of 1 of 7 Open  
  Capitol Planning Commission Administrative Services, Department of (DAS) 1 of 6 Open  
  City Finance Committee Management, Department of 2 of 7 Open  
  Community Action Agencies, Commission on Human Rights, Department of 1 of 9 Open  
  Consumer Advisory Panel Attorney General Office 1 of 4 Open  
  Criminal Justice Information Systems Advisory Committee Human Rights, Department of 1 of 5 Open  
  Dependent Adult Protective Advisory Council Human Services, Department of 2 of 8 Open  
  Developmental Disabilities Council, Iowa Human Services, Department of 1 of 24 Open  
  Dietetics, Board of Public Health, Department of 1 of 5 Open  
  Early ACCESS, Iowa Council for Education, Department of 2 of 24 Open  
  Economic Development Authority Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) 1 of 11 Open  
  Education Commission of the States Federal Government 2 of 2 Open  
  Educational Opportunity for Military Children, Interstate Commission on Federal Government 1 of 2 Open  
  Electrical Examining Board Public Safety, Department of 3 of 11 Open  
  Emergency Response Commission, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of 3 of 16 Open  
  Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board 1 of 6 Open  

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