Iowa Boards and Commissions

Please be aware that state law requires most boards and commissions be balanced according to gender and political affiliation. Geographical location and diversity is also considered. Appointments are made to most boards and commissions annually. All applications are kept on file as public information.

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Board Name Department Name Website Code Section
Deaf Services, Commission of Human Rights, Department of 216A.113
Dentistry, Board of Public Health, Department of 147.14(1)(d)
Dependent Adult Protective Advisory Council Human Services, Department of 235B.1
Developmental Disabilities Council, Iowa Human Services, Department of IAC441
Dietetics, Board of Public Health, Department of 147.14(1)(k)
Drug Policy Advisory Council, Iowa Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy 80E.2
Early ACCESS, Iowa Council for Education, Department of 281 IAC 120.601
Early Childhood Iowa State Board Management, Department of 256I.3
Economic Development Authority Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) 15.105
Education Commission of the States Federal Government 272B.2
Education, State Board of Education, Department of 256.3
Educational Examiners, State Board of Other 272.3
Educational Opportunity for Military Children, Interstate Commission on Federal Government (None Listed) 256H.2
Electrical Examining Board Public Safety, Department of 103.2
Elevator Safety Board Workforce Development, Iowa 89A.13
Employment Appeal Board Inspections and Appeals, Department of 10A.601
Empower Rural Iowa Initiative Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) (None Listed) EO3
Energy Center Board, Iowa Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) (None Listed) 15.120
Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board Commerce, Department of 542B.3
Enhance Iowa Board Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) (None Listed) 15F.102

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