IPERs, Investment Board of the

To set policy for the investment of moneys in the IPERS Trust Fund. The duties of the board are to establish policy, and review its implementation in matters relating to the investment portfolio of the retirement fund and actuarial evaluation of IPERS' funding level.

Board Administrator

Name Contact Phone Email
Melinda McElroy 515-281-0044 Melinda.McElroy@ipers.org

Board Profile

Board or Commission Name Department or Agency
Investment Board of the IPERS Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System (IPERS)
Location of Board Meetings Normal Meeting Schedule Normal Meeting Time
7401 Register Dr.
Des Moines, Iowa 50321
5 meetings yearly 6 hrs. including lunch
Total Board Members Governor Appointed Vacant Appointments Term Length
6 6 0 6 Years
Organizational Authority Other Appointment Information  
State Treasurer, 2 Representatives, 2 Senators

Board Members

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Member Name City County Position Term Begin Term End↓ Gender Party Status
David Creighton Des Moines POLK Investment/financial Expertise 05/01/2009 04/30/2015 Male Rep A
Phyllis Peterson Cedar Rapids LINN Retired IPERS Member 05/01/2010 04/30/2016 Female Dem A
Marlene Sprouse OTTUMWA WAPELLO Active IPERS Member - Educational 05/01/2011 04/30/2017 Female None A
Lisa Stange WEST DES MOINES POLK Investment/financial Expertise 05/01/2011 04/30/2017 Female None A
Wayne Walter DECORAH WINNESHIEK Active IPERS Member - Non Educational 05/01/2013 04/30/2019 Male Rep A
Dennis Young WAUKEE DALLAS Investment/financial Expertise 05/01/2013 04/30/2019 Male Rep A

A = Active
V = Vacant