Upcoming Appointments (June 2019)

Thank you for your interest in serving the Governor and Lt. Governor in this important capacity!

State law requires most boards and commissions be balanced according to gender and political affiliation. Geographical location and diversity is also considered. Appointments are made to most boards and commissions annually. All applications are kept on file as public information.

Board Name Date Appointment↓  
STEM Advisory Board, Southeast Regional 06/30/2019 5  
STEM Advisory Board, South Central Regional 06/30/2019 5  
Vocational Rehabilitation Council 06/30/2019 5  
STEM Advisory Board, Northwest Regional 06/30/2019 6  
Mississippi River Parkway Planning Commission 06/30/2019 6  
Early ACCESS, Iowa Council for 06/30/2019 6  
Brain Injuries, Advisory Council on 06/30/2019 6  
Arts Council, Iowa 06/30/2019 6  
STEM Advisory Board, North Central Regional 06/30/2019 6  
STEM Advisory Board, Northeast Regional 06/30/2019 7  
STEM Advisory Board, Southwest Regional 06/30/2019 7  
Medical Assistance Advisory Council 06/30/2019 8  
Medical Assistance Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee 06/30/2019 9  
Volunteer Service, Iowa Commission on 06/30/2019 10  
Juvenile Justice Advisory Council 06/30/2019 10  
Developmental Disabilities Council, Iowa 06/30/2019 11  
Homelessness, Iowa Council on 06/30/2019 13  

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